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Debunking the Myths in Wedding Photography!!

By  Mr. Nixon Alexander,   Senior. Wedding and Commercial Photographer, Phodio

Myth 1: The More Expensive the camera, the Better the photo:

The price tag of equipment doesn’t solely determine the quality of photographs. It’s about the skill, creativity, and experience of the photographer, the ability to capture beautiful moments without relying solely on expensive gear.

Myth 2: More photos Mean Better Coverage done by the photographer:

The focus should be on quality over quantity. A skilled photographer captures the essence of the day in a select number of impactful and high-standard images. Explain that overshooting can lead to a longer selection of processes and may dilute the overall impact of the final collection. 

Myth 3: Posed Photos are the Best Photos:

The posed genre in wedding photography is also a must to have, the importance of candid moments and the beauty of capturing real emotions. While posed photos have their place, candid shots often tell a more authentic and emotional story. 

Myth 4:  Trendy photos vs. Timeless photos:

Trends may come and go, but a classic and timeless approach ensures that the wedding photos will age well and continue to evoke emotions even years down the line. So we in Phodio will capture images in the mixture of shots in trendy and also classic timeless photos, same for album designing as well. 

The main objective of the wedding photography and Album is to, preserve the wedding moments so the couple, their relatives, their children, and their grandchildren can also experience the Album and RELIVE THOSE MOMENTS!! So to capture the moments book

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