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Why do we need Wedding Photography?

By Jenifer Mathews, Senior Photojournalist, Phodio

Capturing the Moments that Matters!!

 Wedding photography is a specialized field that requires both technical skill and an artistic eye. Photographers must not only be proficient in operating their equipment, but they must also have a keen understanding of how to capture the unique moments and emotions that unfold during a wedding ceremony and reception.

Moreover, when shooting photos of people, photographers need to capture much more than the traits of the mere subject: people come with their emotions, stories, and lifestyles 

A skilled wedding photographer from Phodio knows how to capture the essence of a couple’s love and the joy shared by their friends and family. They understand the couple , their friends, and their family to understand their aspirations and preferences, ensuring that every moment is beautifully captured and preserved. From the early days of wedding photography, where photographers acted as directors, controlling poses and sequences, to the shift towards a more documentary style, capturing the natural, candid moments as they unfold, the needs of wedding photography have evolved over time. Wedding photography has shifted from formal, posed shots to a more relaxed and natural approach. Photographers now pride themselves on minimal interference or instruction, allowing the celebration to unfold organically. In Fact the couple and their friends will have poses in their minds to execute, nowadays we can also see couples are planning for a theme based or candid bases PRE/POST shoot, Phodio also provides pre/post shoot for couples, pls visit our instagram to view some ideas and your ideas are also welcomed!!

In conclusion, wedding photography has truly evolved over time, reflecting the changes in society and technology. From its origins as a formal and staged documentation of a couple’s special day to the current trend of capturing authentic, candid moments, wedding photography has adapted to meet the desires of couples and their families. The role of the photographer has transformed from that of a director orchestrating poses to a documentarian, allowing the genuine emotions and experiences of the day to shine through. 

As technology and society continue to change, it is certain that wedding photography will continue to evolve, always striving to encapsulate the true essence of love, joy, and celebration. Even though it is a particular convention of photography that it tends to elevate what it captures, because the presence of the camera is part of the ritual of weddings and other significant life events, photographers have the unique ability to preserve and immortalize these moments in a way that allows individuals to relive the magic and emotions of their special day for years to come. Phodio Photographers play a crucial role in capturing the transformative and meaningful events of weddings, allowing couples and their families to create lasting memories forever which will narrate the stories to your next generations

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